New Training Office Exam

VA Sylas Pitt

26 September, 2023 23:18
31 ABY

The Training Office is proud to announce the activation of a new course, The Training Office Exam. The purpose of this exam is very similar to the Combat Operations Exam, educating members on the procedures, policies and regulations that dictate the work flow of the Training Office and to determine qualified individuals to serve in the Training Office, be it as an Assistant, a Professor, or a member of the Education Committee.

Many thanks go to VA Robert Hogan for his immense help in putting the exam together.

Check out the course here!

X-Wing Alliance (XWA) Patch ZIPs Updated

FA Turtle Jerrar

24 September, 2023 13:59
31 ABY

As of this morning I have updated all of the X-Wing Alliance (XWA) ship patches in the Patch Archive to correct the infamous "choice" bug on modern versions of Windows. The updated ZIPs are available through the patch archive while logged in.

The "Fly Imperial Fighters and Transports" patch for the original X-Wing game has also been updated.

Master & Apprentice: A Special Look at Ahsoka

RA TheBlackxRanger

15 September, 2023 17:56
31 ABY

A special look at Ahsoka is now available for viewing on Disney+. With a runtime of 7 minutes, the episode takes you behind the scenes of how Ahsoka was created as a character in the Star Wars saga and Dave Filoni's journey as a Star Wars creator.

New Fiction Qualification: Graduate of Letters and Arts

VA Sylas Pitt

12 September, 2023 01:43
31 ABY

The Training Office is proud to announce the activation of the next Graduate qualification available for members to earn - the Graduate of Letters and Arts!

Focusing on art, fiction, and lore, this Graduate qualification encourages a greater understanding of the history of the Star Wars universe and proficiency in written English, focusing on fiction. As a part of this qualification, members completing the thesis will write an original fiction exploring their character and the Emperor's Hammer at-large!

Heavy Weapons Course reactivated!

VA Sylas Pitt

31 August, 2023 18:06
31 ABY

In our effort to restore lost content, the Training Office is proud to announce the reactivation of the Heavy Weapons course! Many thanks to VA Robert Hogan for his efforts in restoring our lost knowledge.

Check out the course here!

Transition of DB Accounts and Decommission of Legacy Site

FA Turtle Jerrar

31 August, 2023 17:53
31 ABY

I am pleased to report that the conversion of the legacy (old site) data has been completed.

The "new site" is now accessible via multiple domains:,, or Accessing the site with a specific domain will present a branded experience for the particular subgroup (or the EH organization as a whole). The legacy site has been decommissioned (with profile data associated with other inactive subgroups being archived for future use, if needed.)

Certain pages attached directly to a particular subgroup will automatically redirect onto that group's domain/site. Other pages may display slightly different information depending on the domain you're using. For example, the rosters page will display all units, only TC units, or only DB units depending on the requested site. Navigation options are also slightly different per subgroup. The branded experience is still something of a work in progress; you can expect some continued improvements as we get a better idea for how we want this to look and behave.

This release extends the character-based system to include Dark Brotherhood characters. While a limited number of members have used the character-based functionality for the past year (those personnel with both EH fleet/Command Staff assignments and TIE Corps assignments), this expansion now encompasses any members who are members of both the TC and DB. There are a couple of options to help you manage your site use:

The current character selector appears at the top corner of the site while logged in. This setting is used when performing certain character-specific site actions, such as posting news, reports, recommending awards, etc. You can change your current character at any time by selecting your alternate character and clicking Change.

When editing your profile ("Edit profile and preferences" from the main management page), you have the ability to set a default character option. Your default character is displayed for information that is only tracked at the per-member level, and is not directly linked to a specific character. This includes things such as course and battle completions.

I also took the opportunity to ingest information from archived backups of the original TC site from the 2000s. This includes unit and staff reports from 1998 through mid 2005. Unit historians, have fun with this!

Other changes with this release include various bugfixes from the past month or two. Additional information is available in the site CHANGELOG.

Dark Brotherhood (DB) operations have transitioned onto the new site, to include things such as roster management, promotion/medal recommendations, reports, etc. DB members will continue to submit multiplayer match reports manually as per existing procedures. Additional information for DB members will be made available as needed through the DB Discord server.

This was a significant "under the hood" update with lots of changes to code that affects the entire site. It is possible and likely that we've missed some things. As you encounter issues or difficulties, please report them on the EH IO incoming issues queue located on GitHub, or contact myself directly as needed.

Thanks to members of the IO team that have played a direct part in this release, particularly in testing: FA Pickled Yoda, AD Silwar Naiilo, and LC SkyShadow; and with subject matter expertise support from GA Rapier, SA Kamjin Maverick Lap'lamiz, VA Robert Hogan, and other members of the EH CS and DB Dark Council teams.

By the numbers:

  • 925 files updated or created, with the bulk of these being code.
  • Converted/ingested ~60k+ rows of information (and offset by cleaning out junk!)
    • ~900 Dark Brotherhood reports
    • ~26,600 Dark Brotherhood award records
    • ~14,700 legacy reports for squadrons, wings, ships, battlegroups, and staff officers

Scheduled Maintenance Announcement

FA Turtle Jerrar

29 August, 2023 19:19
31 ABY

Emperor’s Hammer web sites will be unavailable beginning Wednesday, 30 August at 1600 UTC/1200 EDT for up to two hours.  This will include,, and all APIs (including those provided to TTT, Gonk, and other tools). This maintenance will include a significant code update for multiple subgroup support (particularly for the Dark Brotherhood) and a conversion/ingestion of legacy data.

Following this conversion, the legacy site will be decommissioned and fully replaced with the new site. Dark Brotherhood (DB) operations will transition onto the new site. This will include all functions currently performed on the legacy site (roster management, promotion/medal recommendations, reports, etc). DB members will continue to submit multiplayer match reports manually as per existing procedures.

An additional news post and release notes will follow with additional information following the transition. Thanks for your patience as we complete this conversion process.

Training Manual Now Available

RA Robert Hogan

11 April, 2023 21:36
31 ABY

The Training Office has released its manual governing the Imperial University and its procedures. While most pilots will not be affected by the new Training Manual, we hope that it will further provide information for those who are looking to be involved with the Training Office. Included is information regarding the different positions (such as being a TOA or course Professor), the Education Committee, the Medal of Scholarship, and the policies governing the Training Office.

The Training Manual is now live on the Emperor's Hammer Wiki here!

Imperial University Qualifications Now Available!

RA Robert Hogan

18 January, 2023 00:31
31 ABY

The Training Office is proud to announce the release of a new feature of the Imperial University – Qualifications. Similar to real-life degrees, qualifications will allow pilots to be recognized for their completion of a specific set of courses within a specific discipline. The following qualifications are currently available, but we will be adding more in the coming weeks and months:

These are the first of many, with the Training Office already working on a number of other subjects and on a higher level of qualification that will cover broader subject areas and signify true mastery of their respective fields. We hope you enjoy this new addition to the Imperial University academic system!

Huge thanks for this goes out to the Internet Office Staff, especially FA Turtle Jerrar, who were instrumental in implementing our vision.

New IU Course - Forward Air Controller

RA Robert Hogan

29 August, 2022 03:21
30 ABY

The Training Office is proud to announce the release of a new Imperial University course, Forward Air Controller (FAC). This course, part of the War College, is designed to teach TIE Corps officers the essentials to successfully operate as a Forward Air Controller in support of Hammer's Fist ground combat operations.